Empowering Athletes for a Life Without Limits

Track and field athletes have a new avenue to secure endorsement deals with Matchpoint partnership.

Since July 2021 when NCAA athletes were given the green light to receive endorsement deals using their name, image, and likeness, well over nine figures have exchanged hands between athletes and brands. The world of opportunity that NIL deals have opened for NCAA athletes is enormous - many athletes now have the potential to make some extra money, support themselves financially, and in some cases also support their families.

As we build Streamline Athletes into a company that supports athletes not only with their recruitment but their entire athletic journey we are always looking at important areas of the journey in which we can provide resources for guidance. In that search we partnered with a Louisiana-based company - Matchpoint Connection - that has built a web and app-based platform to securely facilitate marketing partnership deals between athletes and brands, as well as provide the proper supporting resources. Their tech utilizes a proprietary four-factor algorithm, streamlines deal flow from start to finish, ensures required compliance data, and safeguards every transaction.

Beyond the technical aspect, what interested us in partnering with Matchpoint was their emphasis on giving athletes the right resources and opportunities to take control of their situation, allowing them to be proactive and make educated decisions for themselves. Unlike other platforms, Matchpoint provides athletes with the ability to seek out their own NIL deals and make pitches to companies they align with - instead of waiting for brands to approach them. This puts athletes in the driver's seat to seek out deals with the companies that they connect with most, and to be proactive in opportunities to earn money. And as we’ve seen, there are many opportunities available.

Scholarships and other financial support are often large questions on the minds of athletes going through the recruitment process, and a key driver in their decision of which university or college to attend. As we support athletes in finding their best fit collegiately, which includes what works for them financially, we look to this partnership to effectively facilitate opportunities for college athletes to better support themselves with new streams of financial compensation.

Our partnership with Matchpoint is not only fueled by a mutual care to provide better opportunities for athletes, but to provide the education and resources needed for athletes to empower themselves.

We are very excited to announce our official partnership with the great team at Matchpoint and open up more opportunities for track and field and cross country athletes to secure endorsement deals.

Add "Streamline Athletes" to your Matchpoint bio upon sign up to let them know you're a part of the community!


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