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For the next three years - and we hope it’s longer - Streamline Athletes will be working in tandem with Athletics Canada, Canada’s national governing body for track and field and cross country.

Together, our goal is to better serve the community of young Canadian track and field and cross country athletes who aspire to continue their sport and academics at the collegiate level.

As Athletics Canada’s official recruitment partner, we’ll be able to increase our presence across the country. Over the next three years, you can expect collaborative events, discounts on Streamline Athletes products and services, tech integrations, recruitment resources, scholarship opportunities, and more.

At Streamline Athletes, our objective has always been to open doors for track and field student-athletes to pursue athletics while receiving an education at the best school for them. Too often, our sport is abandoned because athletes and families aren’t aware of their opportunities. Alongside Athletics Canada, we hope what we have to offer reaches Canadian student-athletes who need support and direction in their journey to the post-secondary chapter of their athletic and academic life.

Why we partnered with Athletics Canada

  • As the overarching body of track and field and cross country in Canada, Athletics Canada is a natural fit.
  • Shared purpose. While Athletics Canada exists to support high performance athletics excellence at the world level, and to provide leadership in developmental athletics, Streamline Athletes is here to reveal opportunities for all athletes, so they can move forward as confident and inspired individuals. An important stepping stone in the development of many athletes is the collegiate stage - Streamline Athletes aims to provide that opportunity and we’re thankful that Athletics Canada sees the role we can play in that development.
  • Amplification and unity. This partnership will amplify our message and inform Canadians in our sport that Streamline Athletes has the support of Athletics Canada in our approach to supporting the transition from high school to collegiate athletics.

What our Athletics Canada partnership means for athletes

  • Events - Streamline Athletes and Athletics Canada will collaborate on events - in-person and online - including at AC meets. These events will be focused on sharing information and resources for student-athletes, parents/guardians, and coaches on the topic of collegiate recruiting.
  • Discounts - Student-athletes and their families can use the discount code AC10 to receive ten percent off our Plus and Pro memberships.
  • Tech integrations - We’re working on solutions to improve the Streamline Athletes platform experience for AC members through automation and data.
  • Recruitment resources - We’ll work together with AC to create and distribute vital information that all aspiring collegiate athletes should have at their fingertips.
  • Scholarship opportunities - A joint scholarship and awards program for Athletics Canada members from underserved communities is on the horizon.


We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Streamline Athletes, a leader in online sports recruiting. By leveraging [Streamline Athletes’] expertise, resources, and networks, we will be able to provide a first-class service to student-athletes with aspirations of a post-secondary athletic career.

Mat Gentes, CEO
Athletics Canada

Streamline Athletes is honoured to partner with Athletics Canada; as a Canadian company, we take pride in supporting the development of Canadian student-athletes, and this partnership is a natural fit. We're looking forward to working together to make a positive impact on the athletic, academic, and overall experiences of more young track and field athletes.

Brett Montrose, Founder & Co-CEO
Streamline Athletes

Our goal has always been to instill confidence in student-athletes as they transition to the collegiate level. In collaboration with Athletics Canada, we can ensure more athletes have the opportunity to pursue athletics and academics at the best place for them.

Alex Paré, Founder & Co-CEO
Streamline Athletes

Athletics Canada 🤝 Streamline Athletes.

We’re thrilled. We hope you - the athletes and families reading this - feel the same!

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